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5 Week QHAT Quantum Healing Activation Technique Training for Practitioners

Week 1

  • Learn to work with the frequency of your heart, that can pinpoint where and what the problem is and also speed heal it. Practice running the energy to yourself and others.

  • Learn How to raise your frequency, get grounded and connected to source to bring through powerful frequency from beyond 3-D earth.

  • Work with medical spirit guides, ascended masters, archangels and Emissaries of light to heal yourself and others.

  • Learn to work with the root cause priority of the problem for the highest good.

  • Learn how to work with your clairaudience, clairsentience clairvoyance, Claircognisense; strengthen your inner senses.

  • Learn how to trust the messages you get as the frequency connects you inside the body.

  • Join a worldwide community of QHAT healers to share healing and Co-create with. 

  • Receive healing during the class and from other students as you share sessions outside of class.

  • Learn to work with specific health issues, organs, systems, bones etc.

  • And see “miracle healings” occur.

  • Receive a powerful group healing and chakra clearing/activation to raise your frequency to connect you on a higher level.

Week 2

  • Learn the importance of proper preparation before session.

  • Teach the client you’re working with to raise their frequency and get grounded so that they can more easily heal with you as the conduit.

  • Learn how to stay grounded and connect to source during the session and not get pulled into other peoples issues.

  • Learning to be detached, that you are not the one doing the healing and not responsible for the outcome.

  • Learn to work with someone else as a surrogate for the client.

  • Learn about free will and that sometimes you may get a no to healing someone.

  • Learn how no one heals anyone and the person receiving creates the healing from within.

  • Learn to find the emotional root cause of the problem, to heal not only symptoms but the condition itself.

  • Learn a powerful heart meditation to clear your mind and strengthen your connection with high frequency.

  • Learn how to scan your own body to find out information and speed heal it.

  • Receive a powerful group healing and chakra clearing/activation to raise your frequency to connect you on a higher level.

Week 3

  • Learn to get messages from your angels, medical spirit guides  and masters to assist you with your healing of self and others.

  • Learn to connect with the consciousness of the body and receive information.

  • Experience rapid healing, pain relief and aligning skeletal structure.

  • Learn how to keep your back heart chakra open  to stay in the higher dimensions.

  • Clearing negative beliefs about self limitation.

  • Learn fire breathing to energize and oxygenate your system while working with clients.

  • Learn how to release anxiety and fear that’s trapped in the body.

Week 4

  • Learn to work with frequency to manifest abundance.

  • How to Release your old idea of money and what you believe you need to do to earn it.

  • Learn how being your authentic self attracts abundance in all forms.

  • Learn how to vibrate on the frequency of money to attract it to you.

  • Learn how letting go of the need to make money and getting in the flow automatically brings it to you.

Week 5

  • Find your pattern and beliefs around money that are blocking it from you. Replacing it with a positive belief.

  • Learn how to let go of what isn’t you to raise your vibration and attract abundance.

  • How to attract clients using frequency.


Week 6

  • How  to communicate with your higher self and inner intelligence using self muscle testing.

  • How to connect to someone else’s higher self using muscle testing

  • How to use muscle testing during a session for clients.

  • How to balance your system using whole brain posture.

  • How to get answers about your life, health, diet etc. tapping the inner wisdom of your body.

  • How to strengthen The connection to your higher self and intuition.

Week 7

  • Learn parts therapy

  • Sylvia Brown’s point of entry clearing technique

  • Bubble of love forgiveness technique

  • Clearing record, memory, cause and affect

  • Inner child clearing

  • Archangel Michael’s manifesting breathing technique

Week 8

  • Self care/self scan clearing chakras, bodies, meridians, organs, systems etc.

  • Gamma and Epsilon Brain Wave meditation and healing

  • Self hypnosis, reprogramming yourself

  • 5 D living, ascension and new earth

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"I wanted to share an experience, I practiced the quantum healing with two women who were in the hospital with Covid-19, an aunt and her niece, the aunt had already lost a family member.  I always muscle test for permission on remote healing and did two sessions for them (2 days).

After  a week, My friend told me the doctors were amazed how well they were healing and released them/sent them home.. I am very pleased and  not only happy for them, but for the amazing work of QHAT, thank you Annett for sharing and teaching this beautiful healing modality." - Cindy Fay Lybbert, Portland, Oregon


“I was so intrigued with the quantum heart frequency that helped me release the sugar addiction that I signed up for your 8 week course.  Wow! Love love love that too!!! I also love that you give me opportunity to practice running the frequency on you and get feedback. I look forward to taking more one on one sessions and classes in the future! You are such a God send!” -Cathy, Alaska.


"I was looking for a healing modality that resonated with me, and when I found out about quantum energy healing, I knew I had to look into it. After doing Annett's 8 week course, I was able to easily access the frequency, and heal anything that flared up in my own body. It was truly magical" -Raman  B.C, Canada



"I put my back out and was in so much pain could barely walk. I used the quantum energy which quickly moved the bone back into place and the pain was instantly gone! I am so thankful everyday to have this powerful tool and love sharing it with others!"

- Annett Schneider, Victoria B.C.

There are all kinds of healing modalities and practitioners but Annette Schneider’s Quantum Healing is truly outstanding. Annett is the real deal.  The frequency she uses has immediate results. And – if you join one of her classes, she teaches you how to use this in the very first class!  It is powerful, life-changing and self empowering.

Annett lives in the angelic realm as well as being solidly planted on this earth, an unusual combination of spiritual connection and being fiercely practical! She is a gift! - Rev. Carrie Hunter, Senior Minister Centre for Spiritual Living Victoria

After having quantum healing, my body was realigned from the base of my spine to my  head. I can now get out of bed without pain , which I had my whole life, due to the twist in my spine. I'm now a quantum healer after taking Annett's course and happy to share this healing which has helped me so much!

- S.E., Calgary, AB

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