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DISCLAIMER: Annett is not a medical doctor, does not give medical advice and is not held liable for any results or outcomes as a result of energy healing.
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During my remote energy healing with Annett, I could feel the heat in my body and was surprised and so happy when the pain in my shoulders was gone! I could literally feel where she was working in my body, she also balanced my spine and at the end I felt amazing, lighter, pain relieved and happy!


- Ron., Surrey, BC




Medical Intuitive, Transformation Coach, Reiki Master, Quantum Healing for People & Animals, QHAT Practitioner/Trainer

Annett is able to tap into the body, see, feel, sense and hear what is going on using quantum energy. She directs it to organs and systems to assist the body to heal. She has helped clients & students transform their life by releasing physical/emotional pain & teaching QHAT for practitioners. Having healed herself of CFS, candida, sugar addiction and depression, Annett now works with people worldwide using this powerful remote energy healing.

She is a master healer with over 20 years experience

and has appeared on "From Heartache to Joy", "New Wealth Revolution", "The Missing Link on Blogtalk radio, as a guest sharing her story and offering  quantum sessions live on the shows. 

Soon to be on Transformation TV.


After having quantum healing, my body was realigned from the base of my spine to my  head. I can now get out of bed without pain and bend over without pain, which I had my whole life, due to the twist in my spine. I'm now a quantum healer after taking Annett's course and happy to share this healing which has helped me so much! 


Solandra Elacondra, Calgary, AB

20 Years Experience
  • QUAT Quantum Practitioner/Trainer

  • Certified Life Transformed CoachTM

  • Reiki Master

  • Master Hypnotherapist

  • Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Advanced Psych-K Beliefs (kinesiology)

  • E.F.T Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Emotion Code Release

Receive profound healing, clearing, balancing and transformation on all levels.

Train to become a QHAT Healing Practitioner.