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QHAT Training

Private 1 on 1 Transformation Coaching Program

Physical and emotional pain relief take your power back and transform your life!

Do you experience: Feeling scattered, being ungrounded/imbalanced, feeling disconnected, give more than you receive, have low energy, over-thinking, stress/anxiety, unhappy in your work, lacking abundance, poor sleep, relationship issues, feeling stuck, health issues and not living your true purpose?


The program can be used as a personal transformation tool as well as using it to be free of pain, connect to your higher self and live your true purpose.


This coaching program is for you if:

  • You want pain relief and your health back.

  • You want to transform your life and take your power back.

  • You want to feel motivated and happy again

  • You feel your life is in transition, and you're losing your old identity.

  • You feel stuck where you are and want freedom.

  • You're ready to connect to your true self and live your purpose.

  • You want to create abundance


What you will receive:

  • Quantum healing to clear the energy pattern in the cell causing the imbalance. Remote sessions by phone.

  • Connecting to the consciousness and innate wisdom of the body to heal itself.

  • This coaching program is a transformational experience that will help you become more of your authentic self and transition from your old identity to the true you.

  • Raise your frequency to shift to a higher level.

  • Private healing, support, and coaching, receive powerful messages about your life and health from guides and angels.

  • Release negative beliefs so you can move forward.

  • Get answers about your life to make the shift.


Your Transformation:           

  • Feel like your true self

  • experience abundance,

  • heal yourself and your relationships

  • receive as much as you give

  • get your energy back

  • have clear focus

  • feel relaxed

  • feel motivated to create the ideal life you've always wanted

  • live your soul's purpose

  • attract abundance


The format of the group healing and coaching: 

  • Private conference call

  • 45 minute weekly calls

Sign up now to transform your life!

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