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DISCLAIMER: Annett is not a medical doctor, does not give medical advice and is not held liable for any results or outcomes as a result of energy healing.
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Reiki & quantum sessions in Oak Bay, Victoria BC.  Reiki classes. Receive profound healing, clearing, balancing, transformation or become a QHAT practitioner.



Reiki & quantum in person sessions Oak Bay, Victoria BC

Stress & pain relief

Animal communication & Healing

Private remote phone quantum energy healing sessions.

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  • Quantum Healing Transformation Program for Pain Relief and Health:

  • Live weekly group healing, transformation & coaching

  • Physical and emotional pain relief

  • Releasing your old identity and transform into your true self

  • Raising your frequency

  • Get your freedom back to live your soul’s purpose

  • Get answers about YOUR life and make the shift!

  • Transform in a group with others

Contact to register:



Quantum Energy Healing Training/group healing for Practitioners.

8 week on-line program.

Weekly 1.5 hour classes.

Private mentoring with Annett

Learn to become a QHAT Practitioner 


  • 16 classes total:

  • The format of the course is a conference call recorded class and live training.
    ⦁    8 / 1.5 hour classes with students
    ⦁    8 live 45 min. training sessions. Where you will be using the frequency, get your questions answered and strengthen your ability and connection to receive messages from the body, your inner guidance and medical spirit guides.

  • In each class we are working with the frequency,

  • learning how to use it (giving and receiving healing),

  • Learning to connect to the consciousness of the body, receive messages,

  • how to work with clients to protect your energy field,

  • chakra clearing and activation to access higher frequency,

  • messages from Angels and masters for the group and how to raise your personal frequency for transforming your life.

  • The course  can be used as a personal transformation tool as well as using it as a practitioner to be free of pain, connect to your higher self and live your true purpose.

  • This course is for you if:

  • You're a Healer or a Coach and want to learn a technique you can use to "power up" your healing and see fast results

  • You want to be able to heal specific physical or emotional pain or illness

⦁    Learn how to live and manifest using the heart frequency, and working with the subconscious mind to reprogram yourself
⦁    You want to do energy healing remotely or in person for yourself or others
⦁    You want to strengthen your inner connection and communication with the wisdom of your body
⦁    You are a healer or want to become a healer and expand your healing abilities
⦁    You want to connect with other healers and spiritual community

What you will learn:

   Using heart frequency to clear the energy pattern in the cell causing the imbalance. Connecting to the consciousness and innate wisdom of the body to heal itself


  This course is an experiential transformational training that will help you become more of your authentic self; a transition from your old identity to the true you.

⦁    Experience physical and emotional pain relief
⦁    Working with sending and receiving heart frequency quantum energy
⦁    Receiving chakra clearing and activations to easier access the energy. 
⦁    How to protect your energy field and stay balanced when working with others.
⦁    How to communicate with your higher self via self muscle testing
⦁    How to connect with the sacred heart to access high frequency that can create what would be considered “miracle healing”
⦁    Receive powerful messages about your life and health from guides and angels
⦁    Receive healing in every module as you work through the program.
⦁    Move bones into place and strengthen your clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities


  • "I was looking for a healing modality that resonated with me, and when I found out about quantum energy healing, I knew I had to look into it. After doing Annett's 8 week course, I was able to easily access the frequency, and heal anything that flared up in my own body. It was truly magical" -Raman from B.C, Canada

  • "I put my back out and was in so much pain could barely walk. I used the quantum energy which quickly moved the bone back into place and the pain was instantly gone! I am so thankful everyday to have this powerful tool and love sharing it with others!" Annett from Victoria B.C.


Contact for details.


Contact for details.


My remote energy healing with Annett released severe back  pain that I was struggling with. It was hard to sit, walk or move without extreme pain. I could feel where Annett was sending the energy to my body and felt the release and a relief.  The pain was gone! 

L.H. Surrey, BC


 My lower back was causing me quite a bit of pain. She worked on it  and cleared the stuck energy and pegged my relationship with my Mother was effecting my back. (so true). We then continued on with my left ear thats been popping  like I just had gotten off a plane. FIXED.
She worked on my stomach and digestive issues. 
 My liver was next,  I could actually feel the heat from her working on it!  FIXED! My brain was next  As Annett worked on my brain it felt like someone was massaging my head. She cleared my brain to give me some clarity. We cleared the fog. Lovely! FIXED!
 It was an amazing experience. I have told many friends and her phone will soon be ringing off the hook. 
 Thank you again Annett. You’re truly blessed with an amazing gift! So very blessed!! Sincerely,  S. Barrie.


During my remote energy healing with Annett, I could feel the heat in my body and was surprised and so happy when the pain in my shoulders was gone! I could literally feel where she was working in my body, she also balanced my spine and at the end I felt amazing, lighter, pain relieved and happy! Ron., Surrey, BC


My cat wasn't eating and I didn't know why. Annett did quantum healing and she could see there was a block in her esophagus. The block was dissolved and my cat was able to eat again after that 1 session.  I am so grateful and it saved me a trip to the vet!
SE, Calgary, AB.


 After 1 session discontinued nightly use of drug Trazadone, and sleep patterns have not deteriorated and sleep remains similar to the patterns while taking the drug! During the session we released:
my Mother’s energy, anxiety, previous life ‘scape goat’ type energy,  attachments,  TMJ,  Re-alignment of pelvic area & tail bone.  Vibrate at higher frequency through the clearings that have occurred. I felt energy releases in head through top & front lobe, TMJ release thru mouth, back of throat near C1 of spine, release through shoulder blades of upper back, release in pelvic area, deeper grounding with earth, more suppleness in the body, less rigidity and decrease in anxiety BJ, Calgary, AB


I’m free! I’m free!  I’m free!  Thank you so much Annett for guiding me to freedom from my sugar addiction!  I was given soda in my bottle as a baby by my loving cousins when they would babysit me and since then its been a life long addiction.  I have tried so many programs and diets to release this addiction but to no avail...until you used your loving heart frequency to shine the light on the root...rebellion!  Who would have thought that? Lol.  Rebellion trickles through many areas of my life so releasing this root not only pulled the plug on the sugar addiction but other areas of my life as well.  I can walk through a grocery store or convenience store without an inkling of an itch to buy or eat trigger foods.  Yes Yes Yes!!!  The addiction was such a heavy weight and I’m so so so thankful to let it go.


After months of pain and discomfort in my stomach, I had a remote healing session with Annett. She was able to sense that it was lime's disease. The following day after the session I was extremely tired and my body was detoxing. The next day the pain in my stomach was gone!
I feel much relief since the healing session. My body is healing itself , my stomach is no longer in constant pain and inflammation/heat anymore, which is a great feeling!  
Overall  I feel on the mend and close to being healed and whole!  It has been months and months of pain so this is a major improvement!  B.J., Costa Rica

Last week I was coming down with a cold.  I was doing everything I could to keep it at bay.  My significant other had been fighting it for several days prior.  I was experiencing headache, muscle aches, ear congestion and a burning throat.  Immediately after my session my symptoms eased and were gone by the next morning.  Now, two days later I am back on my feet and my other half is still hacking and not feeling well.  I would highly recommend Annett.  She is very talented and effective with her energy healing work. 
Kelli Adkins, RN  
Best-selling Author, Inspirational Speaker & Podcast Host
@Coachkelliadkins on social media 


My whole life has changed since our session in ways I couldn't imagine!  My arm and shoulder pain is gone. Heaviness is lifted and I feel joy! I finally feel love again for my Mom instead of resentment that was trapped in my lymphatic system and released! My neck pain (for years) was gone in minutes. I could feel the healing in my foot during the session and my head pain is almost gone. My sinuses cleared by 95% during the session. I am amazed, this is a huge change for me. -Cynthia, Oregon


During my session with Annett she worked on the ulcer and I have not had a problem with it since, it is gone! I had a tooth implant which was bothering me everyday with pain for years, in one session Annett could see the infection and cleared it, I have no more pain! Arthitis in my knees was so bad I had trouble getting up, the pain is now gone! H.S. Calgary, Alberta


My remote energy healing with Annett released severe back pain that I was struggling with, it was hard to sit, walk or move without extreme pain. I could feel where Annett was sending the energy to my body and felt the release and a relief.  The pain was gone! She was also able to clear my sinuses which were chronically blocked from surgery scar tissue and I can sleep through the night now, previously I had been waking up several times with breathing problems! Thank you!
L.H. Surrey, BC


I hurt my neck years ago and had problems ever since. After my session with Annett I feel better and in less chronic pain than I have in years!! My neck is particularly miraculous! For my back, having tried many times with other methods, it never could be put right and you put the rotate disc back in!! The lump in my chest is gone, I can breathe better and sing better. My jaw moved back into place and the numbness is gone! Thank you for changing my body and my life. I will be having regular "tune ups" with you. Suzyn, White Rock, BC


After having quantum healing, my body was realigned from the base of my spine to my head. I can now get out of bed without pain and bend over without pain, which I had my whole life, due to the twist in my spine. I am now a quantum healer after taking Annett's course and am happy to share this healing which has helped me so much! SE, Calgary, AB