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 I felt as if I was living under a dark cloud. Unmotivated, brain fog, depression, struggling so hard just to concentrate to get something done. After having quantum healing sessions my life has changed like night to day. My whole life has changed and I feel like a different person! I highly recommend quantum energy healing to reconnect/balance your brain so you can feel like yourself and move forward in your life!  _Shialina Caraballo

Annett Schneider

Annett Schneider

Certified Life Transformed Coach, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Quantum Healer, QHAT Trainer, Reiki Master and Sound Healer

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Annett Schneider

I had chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and was addicted to sugar. I didn’t know the cause of the illness was diet related, sugar and at the root, emotional trauma.


I began studying alternative healing methods to heal myself. Now I help people all over the world healing not just symptoms, but getting to the root cause so the body can heal itself.


After getting a connection with the frequency of the heart, amazing things begin to happen. As I was doing a Reiki session on a client I began using the quantum energy or heart frequency and realized I could see, feel and hear inside the body. I watched as the frequency aligned the system, moving bones into place and healing. The client, having  been in a car accident, felt completely aligned.

Quantum healing to balance/reconnect the brain to free people from ADHD symptoms.


Since then I have seen incredible things heal in people, usually quickly.

I knew I wanted to share this healing with many people. That’s how QHAT was born. This method of healing is a complete system to heal yourself and also work as a practitioner with clients.


This frequency is from outside of 3-D and has no limits.It will find the root cause of the problem and begin to heal it quickly.


This 5 week training course will teach you how to connect inside the body to the systems, organs, chakras and bodies healing on all levels. You can scan your own blood, sense  if there is bacteria, toxins or virus etc. and clear it out.


Out of all the tools that I have, this is by far the most powerful. It has changed my life and is changing the lives of the students I teach. I will show you how to connect with the frequency of your heart and how to transform your life.

- Annett Schneider

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Quantum Healing Activation Technique


Quantum energy goes to the root cause of the problem, communicating to the body how to return to balance and heal itself.

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 Intuitive Healer, Coach & Certified QHAT Practitioner

Hi, I'm Shialina.


My passion is helping others reach self-awareness and free themselves from any emotional/physical issues they may have. I’ve healed myself of ADHD, trauma, and sexual abuse. Over the last 3 years I've completed a practicum as a Quantum Healer, Intuitive Channel, healer, and life coach. I now offer private sessions to help you do the same - take your life back and feel like you again.


What I offer:

One-on-one remote energy healing sessions to help you release the past and move forward with your life.

I believe that every physical/emotional issue is related to past events/trauma. Each session is unique and intuitively suited to your needs. Working alongside your guides and higher self, each session helps you release physical/emotional pain, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, and stuck emotions related to your issue.

Each session may include:

  • Channeling from guides, angels, masters, your higher self, crossed-over loved ones 

  • Past life healing - relevant past lives affecting the current emotional/physical issue 

  • Quantum energy healing 

  • Reiki

  • Intuitively channeled Question-and-Answer Technique 

  • Emotion code release + Emotional Unhooking by Ellie Drew 

How you’ll feel after each session:

  • Decreased anxiety, depression, physical pain

  • More motivation

  • More energy, joy, & purpose 

  • Clarity on the root cause of the emotional / physical issue 

  • Deepened sense of self awareness 

  • Clarity on life path / purpose 

  • Releasing fear of moving forward 

The feeling of being yourself after years of repression, confusion, pain, and hopelessness is a feeling unlike any other. It's my joy to share the gift of people feeling like themselves, for what may be the first time in their life. My goal is to help you share the gift of who you are with not only yourself, but with the world. My intention is to see you thriving and living a life of joy, meaning, and purpose!


I look forward to working with you.


Contact to book a free discovery call:




Shoulder Pain is Gone!

"During my remote energy healing with Annett, I could feel the heat in my body and was surprised and so happy when the pain in my shoulders was gone! I could literally feel where she was working in my body, she also balanced my spine and at the end I felt amazing, lighter, pain relieved and happy!"

- Ron., Surrey, BC

Annett is the Real Deal

"There are all kinds of healing modalities and practitioners but Annett Schneider’s QHAT is truly outstanding. Annett is the real deal.  The frequency she uses has immediate results. And – if you join one of her classes, she teaches you how to use this in the very first class!  It is powerful, life-changing and self empowering.

Annett lives in the angelic realm as well as being solidly planted on this earth, an unusual combination of spiritual connection and being fiercely practical! She is a gift!"

Rev. Carrie Hunter

5 Week QHAT Quantum Healing Activation Technique Training for Practitioners

The course can be used as a personal transformation tool as well as using it as a practitioner to be free of pain, connect to your higher self and live your true purpose.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn a technique you can use to "power up" your healing and see fast results

  • You want to be able to heal specific physical or emotional pain or illness

  • Learn how to live and manifest using the heart frequency

  • Working with the subconscious mind to reprogram yourself

  • You want to do energy healing remotely or in person for yourself or others

  • You want to strengthen your inner connection and communication with the wisdom of your body

  • You are a healer or want to become a healer and expand your healing abilities

  • You want to connect with other healers and spiritual community

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The course  can be used as a personal transformation tool as well as using it as a practitioner to be free of pain connect to your higher self and live your true purpose

5 classes total


The format of the course is a conference call recorded class and live training.

  • 5 / 1 hour classes with students

  • Use the frequency, get your questions answered and strengthen your ability and connection to receive messages from the body, your inner guidance and medical spirit guides.

  • FB group membership QHAT worldwide Healers community

  • Documents:  1. Client Session checklist 2. Higher self communication self muscle testing  


In each class we are working with:

  • The heart frequency

  • Learning how to use it (giving and receiving healing)

  • Learning to connect to the consciousness of the body

  • Receive messages

  • How to work with clients to protect your energy field

  • Chakra clearing and activation to access higher frequency

  • How to raise your personal frequency for transforming your life.

What you will learn:

  • Using heart frequency to clear the energy pattern in the cell causing the imbalance.

  • Connecting to the consciousness and innate wisdom of the body to heal itself

  • This course is an experiential transformational training that will help you become more of your authentic self; a transition from your old identity to the true you.

  • Experience physical and emotional pain relief

  • Working with sending and receiving heart frequency quantum energy

  • Receiving chakra clearing and activations to easier access the energy.

  • How to protect your energy field and stay balanced when working with others.

  • How to communicate with your higher self via self muscle testing

  • How to connect with the sacred heart to access high frequency that can create what would be considered “miracle healing”

  • Receive powerful messages about your life and health from guides and angels from Annett

  • Receive healing in every module as you work through the program.

  • Move bones into place and strengthen your clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities



Discover cutting-edge tools and practices

to upgrade your mind and body.

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Annett Scnheider
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You Can Transform Your Life!

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