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DISCLAIMER: Annett is not a medical doctor, does not give medical advice and is not held liable for any results or outcomes as a result of energy healing.
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Get pain relief mentally and physically. Release your old identity, heal yourself and create health in your body and mind.

Learn to work with the energy of your body and change your frequency. Become a QHAT Quantum Healing Activation Technique Practitioner.


Heal yourself and your pets! 

You CAN change your life.


To help people with physical and emotional pain relief. Quantum healing for people and animals, private and group sessions.


My muscular—skeletal system has been freed and loosened so my body feels more easily flexible and walking is better...  My lungs have been freed of constrictions through COPD influence and my breathing is freer and deeper... . I feel more connected to my spiritual self. I am very appreciative of what Annett has opened up for me and enjoying life more. 

- RE



  • Private Sessions

  • Group Energy Healing 

  • QHAT Quantum Healing Training

  • Reiki Level 1, 2 and master classes

  • ​Retreats & Workshops